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Booking Conditions, Cancellation Charges & Terms of Trade




The Rosedale Travel Group/Jetset Travel cannot be held responsible for any increases in airfares or other adjustments in price imposed by third parties (i.e. hotels, airlines etc), which may occur between now, and your date of travel.  However, prompt payment by the due dates may often avoid any price increases, which are subject to change (even until the date of departure) without notice until final payment has been received.  No additional charges will apply upon receipt of final payment except for any Government charges and taxes.



A non refundable deposit of $300 per person is required to secure your booking. You can pay by either cash, cheque or credit card. You can post your cheque along with the attached booking form to us or fax the attached credit card authorisation form.



Additional progressive payments can be accepted at any time up till 60 days prior to departure. Receipts are issued for each payment made to us.


* FINAL PAYMENT is due by one of the payment methods below 60 days prior to the groups date of departure from Australia



The preferred method of payment for your travel arrangements is cash or cheque (we cannot accept a personal cheque within 10 days of travel).  Should you wish to pay by credit card we are happy to accept Mastercard, Visa or Bankcard. If payment is made by American Express or Diners a 2% surcharge will apply.



At Sydney International Airport a local departure tax and airport noise reduction tax is levied on all departing passengers 12 years and over.  In addition, foreign government fees and airport taxes may be applicable on your journey. Certain airport taxes must be collected before departure and will appear on your airline ticket. 


*  PASSPORT AND VISA REQUIREMENTS – Australian Passport Holders  

A current passport with at least SIX (6) months validity from the date of your return is required for all international travel.  We will need to sight your passport to record the details at some stage prior to departure.  However, Visas and passport validity are at all times the full responsibility of the traveller.  The Rosedale Group are happy to organise your visas for you.


-  IF YOU ARE NOT HOLDING AN AUSTRALIAN PASSPORT please inform us immediately, so that we may advise you of any additional requirements.  In addition to the above, you will also need a re-entry permit.  We will need to sight your passport to record the details at some stage prior to departure.



The Rosedale Travel Group/Jetset travel acts as an agent on behalf of airlines, tour operators and suppliers.  Please note that any monies received or commitments made by us are subject to our Terms of Trade conditions and Schedule of Fees as well as any of the airlines, tour operators and/or supplier’s terms and conditions. These apply to you and your travelling companion/s. A cancellation fee will be payable if you cancel any booking after it has been made. 


Prior to 60 days before departure:                                     Loss of deposit

59-46 days before departure:                                            15% of the total of total holiday cost

45-30 days before departure:                                            40% of the total land charge plus any airline charges

29-15 days before departure:                                            80% of the total land charge plus any airline charges

14 days or less before departure:                                                                           100% of total land charge plus any airline charges




In addition, airlines, tour operators and/or suppliers may levy their own cancellation fees (which can be up to 100%, especially after travel has commenced).  Please note Travellers Assistance Insurance may cover these cancellation fees. 


We also reserve the right to levy an amendment fee of $100.00 per alteration to bookings.


Refunds on certain airline tickets can take up to 12 weeks for the airline to process.



There will be no reduction or refund for any unused services for individual passengers or the group as a whole.


* HEALTH    

Please ensure you consult your doctor or TMVC (Travellers Medical Vaccination Centre) for up to date requirements worldwide.  



Travellers Assistance Insurance protects you against the costs of unexpected illness, accidents, lost or stolen luggage or other unforeseen circumstances.  Cover for cancellation charges only applies where the insurance premium has been paid in full.  We have included the recommended level of protection in your costing.  Please read the enclosed brochure for details complete the attached policy.  If you or any member of your travelling party have any medical condition, which may affect your insurance cover, or if you have seen a doctor in the past 60 days please inform us accordingly.   



* TRAVELLERS CHEQUES                   

Rosedale Travel Services can save you a trip to the bank by supplying traveller’s cheques and foreign cash at the same time you collect your travel documents.  They are supplied at competitive rates and we offer a range of currencies unavailable to most banks.  Please order them reasonably in advance so that we can have them ready for you to collect with your travel documents.   


*  SPECIAL REQUESTS             

Rosedale Travel Services is happy to arrange any special dietary or health requirements for your holiday.  Please complete this section on the booking form if required.