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Managing Director Global Dance Tours

Rosemarie is the Director of our partner Global Dance Tours. Rosemarie has been in the travel industry for 25 years. She has been operating and guiding our dance group division for 7 years.

Rosemarie has a wealth of knowledge on how best to optimise your dance school tour experience and exposure. She has developed unlimited dance contacts at Disney, Master Class Dance workshops, Broadway and Cruise ships, just to name a few.

Let Rosemarie design your next tour. Email to discuss at:
Dance Director

Louise Telford, was a professional dancer who studied at Langshaw Dancity (Formerly Langshaw Studio) from 1982 until 1996. She has been trained in all aspects of dance – R.A.D Ballet, I.S.T.D Tap & Modern, Hip Hop, Jazz & Irish Dance. Throughout her time at the studio she travelled extensively as part of Sydney’s New Generation Dance Troupe, who were one of the first studios in Australia to travel to America and perform in Disneyland. Throughout her 14 years at the studio, she was also part of the studio’s successful tours to Japan, Malaysia, United Kingdom & Paris.

Louise has worked professionally for Disney, Warner Bros, Conrad & Co, SOCOG and was part of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games and performed in the closing ceremony.

She spent several years performing behind some of Sydney’s most notable Caberet Singers & Entertainers and although she no longer performs, she has strong ties to the entertainment industry, with many colleagues and contacts working professionally both domestically and overseas.

Dance Tours

Our business partner, Rosedale Travel Services is fast becoming the industry leaders in Dance Group Travel, with over 90 years combined experience, product knowledge and a passion for customer service. We have gathered a team of professionals who share our vision and who not only have the experience, but the enthusiasm and motivation to be the best in the business. Over the past six years we have chaperoned nearly 6000 students, teachers and parents on successful trips to America, Europe and Asia.

With the help of the team at Rosedale Travel Services, you can showcase the talents of your musical or dance performance group on a global stage, or mix it with the industry’s best at leading dance academies and training schools around the world. From performance applications and venue registration to fundraising, sightseeing and accommodation packages and chaperoning, we will take care of everything!

Some of the Dance Schools that have travelled with us

Planet Dance | Ettingshausens Dynamic Arts | Langshaw Dancity | Dance Theatre Network | Artz Collective | Rogerson Dancers | The Harlow School of Dance | Dance Select | Body Rock | Kazzajazz | Westside Performing Arts | Dance First Academy | Premier Dance Group| JLD Dance Group | Plie, Groove & Shuffle | South Coast Dance Group | Dance Discovery | Dynamic Dance Studios | JW Dance Group | Belinda´s Art of Dance | Debbie´s Dance Co | Debbie Cowrie Dance | Dance to the Music | Friction Dance | V L Performing Arts | La Danse Ballet | Tanya´s Strictly Dancing |Sheridans Studio 1 | Brent Street | Promenade Studios | Caper Performing Arts | Lakeside Performing Arts | Glenda Yee School of Dance | Dance Connections Studios | Jam Performing Arts | Ikin Dance | Pulse Studios | Centre of Rhythm Perth | Artz Collective Melbourne | Dance 4 Theatre Arts | Lee Windon Dancers | Select Dance Co |

Dance Destinations

Our most popular tours are to America, where students are given the opportunity to perform at Disneyland, take part in dance workshops with industry professionals, see shows on Broadway and have classes with cast members. We organise tours to Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Honolulu just to name a few, all with fantastic performance and workshop opportunities.

Another popular tour is to London to take part in dance workshops at the world renowned Pineapple Dance Centre and to also see shows on the West End. A popular add on to this tour is some time in the beautiful city of Paris, where students and families can not only explore this amazing city but the students will also perform at Euro Disney.

Rosedale Travel Services also organise tours to all parts of Asia –with fantastic performance & dance workshop opportunities. Students are treated like royalty wherever they may perform and the experience gained from visiting this culturally rich region will be long lasting. Dance workshop and performance opportunities can be organised in Japan, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia.

CRUISES: There isn’t a more relaxing or exciting way to travel than cruising. We at Rosedale Travel Services have partnered with some of the world’s best cruise companies to come up with some fantastic options for your dance school. Not only do they represent fantastic value, but students get to perform on board as entertainment throughout the cruise.